The Green Cab is an eco-innovation company that provides South Africa’s first cost-effective, aggressively green transport solution. It speaks to growing congestion and pollution challenges through the utilization of Liquefied Petroleum Gas and BioDiesel.

These lower-carbon options provide clients with an effective opportunity to mitigate their carbon emissions in the fight against global warming.

The Green Cab has created valuable sustainable jobs in the tourism sector presenting obvious economic benefit to women in particular, through our Green Partner Programme.


The Green Cab provides the following unique transport offering:

The Green Cab is an ECO FRIENDLY company, which provides a tourism transport solution to the congestion and pollution challenges in South Africa.

The Green Cab runs on Liquefied Petroleum Gas that has 87% less ozone depleting potential. The percentage REDUCTION IN HARMFUL EMISSIONS as compared to petrol include: 75% less Carbon Monoxide; 85% less Hydrocarbon; 40% less Oxide and
Nitrogen and roughly 10% less Carbon Dioxide. BioDiesel reduces the latter between 20-30%.

The Green Cab is a WOMEN OWNED & OPERATED business that employs mainly women, that seeks to redress the current gross under-representation of women in the transport sector.

The Green Cab provides CHARTER, TOURS AND SHUTTLE SERVICES service on a prearranged basis only, i.e. no loitering, ranking or impingement on the taxi industry.

The Green Cab guarantees AFFORDABLE tariff-based rates of at least 10% less than standard industry prices.

The Green Cab ensures passenger SAFETY by means of state of the art tracking equipment and mechanical diagnostics for driver behaviour analysis as well as effective fleet management.

The Green Cab offers South Africa’s first transport carbon neutral CERTIFICATION in conjunction with The South African Carbon Protocol.


The Green Cab sets a whole new standard in professionalism and service delivery in the transport sector. There is an expressed bias in favour of female employees or Green Partners as owner-drivers.  This serves to open up new markets and seeks to address the existing under-representation of women in this sector.  Drivers are identifiable through standard company uniforms and compelled to conform to high standards and accountability.

It is our intention to align all The Green Cab operational standards with international ISO 9002 and 14000 standards, included but not limited to –

Our Drivers

  • hold valid Public Driving Permits;
  • will undertake an introductory Tourist Guide Training Course;
  • will be trained in basic First Aid;
  • will do an Advanced Driving Qualification
  • will be subjected to monthly Audits as required by ISO, as well as
  • ongoing performance appraisals captured through a sophisticated electronic Fleet Management and Diagnostic system.


The Green Cab vehicle suppliers of choice are Hyundai SA and Toyota SA. Our fleet consists of Hyundai Elantras for the sedan component, and the brand new Hyundai 7-seater people carriers called the H1 Wagon.  The Toyota Diesel Quantum 15-seater is used to transport Conference delegates. Our vehicles are well trial-and-tested in terms of endurance and reliability and The Green Cab has secured very favourable warrantees and maintenance commitments from both suppliers in an effort to back-up their products. The share-ride nature of some of the services is what ultimately will successfully reverse motorization, which in turn will reduce the levels of harmful emissions.


  • Airport & Conference Transfers for large conferences
  • Hospitality Desk at the airport and at the conference
  • Conference Tours
  • Dinner Transfers
  • Meet & Greet Services
  • Spouse’s Programmes
  • Transport Certificate
  • Transport Co-ordination for large conferences


Utilising a service and/or advertising opportunity with The Green Cab significantly bolsters the ‘public green profile’ of an establishment, an event or business. Promoting and supporting clients to use The Green Cab service provides a value added benefit to them and makes good economic and environmental sense. It also provides for a measurable reduction in the carbon footprint by means of The Green Cab Carbon Emission Recording and Carbon Neutral Certification facility.


As a result of an overwhelming response to this niche product, the Green Cab has provided Tourist Guides and Small Tour Operators with an opportunity to partner with The Green Cab to ensure that we can satisfy demand for our tourism offering. This puts The Green Cab in a position to be able to serve clients with transport requirements for large numbers of delegates.

This provides small business with the potential for an increased number of opportunities because of the huge demand for business, particularly in the tourism sector. It also provides small businesses with an opportunity to position themselves as a sustainable tourism business and creates significant awareness of responsible tourism among tourism businesses.

The Green Cab empowers its Green Partners with knowledge around Green Mobility and provides them with choices on how to ‘green’ their Vehicles. Comprehensive training in the area of Green Mobility is provided.

We have started negotiations with a group of 30 taxi operators who currently service conference delegates at the Cape Town International Convention Centre to ‘green’ their vehicles, and this is in line with the Cape Town International Convention Centre’s Mission to become a 6 star Green Rated Conference Venue.


2009  Winner of the Enablis Competition
2010 Provincial Winner of the Emerging Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year (ETEYA) Award